Sunday, 10 December 2017

Vinnies Receive Thanks for Tactile Book

Dear Phillipa,
 A big THANK YOU to yourself and The Vinnies for making and donating the amazing Geometry book to our school.
I understand that the intention was for it to be used by our ORS students but unfortunately they are non-verbal and might damage such a special book.
Instead, we have carefully shown it to them and have decided to use the book as a special resource for the Junior classes, to help them better understand and enjoy maths/geometry.
I attach a photo of some Room 1 students enjoying the book.
 Again, please accept our genuine thanks. I’m sorry to have delayed a reply but it has been super busy around here, these past few weeks!
Happy Christmas and Blessings to you and your group.
 Kind regards
Linda BJ
Linda Beatson
Deputy Principal

Motueka South School

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Money Raised Helps St. Peter Chanel Student

   Half of the money raised as part of the fundraising we did during Dyslexia Awareness Week in early October has already been used in providing a St. Peter Chanel student with a $250 subsidy towards their Cognitive and Educational Assessment. The family who were having to look at alternate means of being able to fund this assessment were delighted and grateful to receive assistance with this. Of course a big thanks goes out to all those who supported our fundraising efforts in being able to make this happen. 

Vinnies Deliver Blocks and Drums to Motueka Early Learning Centre

   On Thursday 7 December a couple of the Vinnies took the drums created earlier in the year, along with wooden blocks a group of the Vinnies spent time sanding this term to the Motueka Early Learning Centre which is part of the Motu Weka Community Centre. The children had great fun with the drums and shaker which they quickly got out of the box to try and were soon using the wooden blocks to build with and stack one on top of the other to build towers. It was great for the Vinnies to see just how much these resources were enjoyed. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Cards Spread Christmas Cheer

   To finish off the year, a group of the St. Peter Chanel Vinnies put together Christmas cards. These cards will go to support both a Christmas stall being run by SPELD - a non-profit organisation that assists students with specific learning disabilities as well as Christmas hampers being put together by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul that go out to families in need in the community. 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

   The Vinnies who have spent the past few weeks working on the tactile book for the ORS unit at Motueka South School, had the opportunity of dropping the book into the school today. Unfortunately with being the very busy end of the year it is, we didn't get the opportunity to learn more about the unit while there but maybe this is something we can add to the agenda for 2018. In the meantime we can feel very proud of the book that was produced and the fact that through this we have the opportunity of assisting more people in our local community. 

Vinnies Create Tactile Book

The group of St. Peter Chanel Vinnies who have this term been busy creating a tactile book for the ORS unit at Motueka South School have now completed this project. The geometry book which contains both text as well as braille is filled with bright and colourful tactile pages using a range of materials to create a tactile sensation. We hope the book will be well used by the ORS funded students at this school. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Guess Who? - A Game that Keeps Everyone Guessing

   Another group of the St. Peter Chanel Vinnies have now completed their own version of an equally popular game - Guess Who? This game will be put with the others being made by both the St. Peter Chanel and St. Paul's Vinnies to be passed on to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organisation for use in their resource boxes that go with mentors into local schools. The Big Brothers Big Sisters Organisation of Nelson- Tasman operates three core mentoring programmes - Community Based Mentoring where mentors and young people meet on their own either after school or on weekends to share the kinds of activities they already like to do such as kicking a ball, playing games, flying a kite and walking the dog at the beach; School-Based Adult Mentoring where volunteers spend one hour a week meeting with their young person at a local school and School-Based Teen Mentoring with Year 12 and 13 College age students. In Motueka, Motueka High School students mentor a young person at Brooklands Primary School for one hour each week. The Big Brothers Big Sisters Organisation provides a valuable service in helping young people flourish in our community.